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Questions of Truth has now been cited in a number of serious publications and books:

  • The great Holmes Rolson  cites QoT in his new book Three Big Bangs: Matter-Energy, Life, Mind (Columbia University Press 2011)
  • Don Page has written a physics paper inspired by a remark in QoT. The discussion with Don on the first version of this paper has inspired an intruiging cosmological hypothesis.
  • Why Beliefs Matter: Reflections on the Nature of Science by E. Brian Davies OUP 2010 also cites QoT.
  • and so of course does The Language of Science and Faith: Straight answers to Genuine Questiions by Francis Collins and Carl Giberson IVP Books (February 15, 2011)
  • There is also a paper Towards a Critical Realist Theology of Law, Neurobiology and the Soul by David W. Opderbeck at the Seton Hall University – School of Law, published as Seton Hall Public Law Research Paper No. 1594907
  • and an essay Cosmic If Statements by Daniel Darg of Oxford University, presented at the conference in honour of John Polkinghorne’s 80th birthday, Oxford, July 2010

Although self-citations are not quite the same, it is also worth noting that QoT is cited in:

  • Freewill, Free Process and LoveThink (2009), 8: 115-124 DOI: 0.1017/S1477175609990078
  • Can Discoverability Help Us Understand Cosmology?” by Nicholas Beale Journal of Cosmology, 2009, Vol 3, pages 529-539. 
  • “The Great Commandment, Tao, and the Survival of Humanity” by Nicholas Beale and Robert Pollack – this is to appear in the Union Seminary Quarterly Review although there have been some delays in publication. A pre-print is on Prof Pollack’s website here.

Where to buy the book

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  26. Cokesbury (USA) – Though at present they have the sub-title wrong
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There are also some remarkable places selling the book like a leatherworks company, a process controls business, a wine shop and a record store in Seattle. Great!!

“a refreshing contrast to the polemic and misinformation that have characterized much of the writing in this area” William Phillips

“Richly nuanced responses … simply a fantastic resource” Francis Collins

“Wonderfully accessible, informative and authoritative.” Alister McGrath

“an important contribution” Martin Nowak

“this matters to every man and every woman” Onora O’Neill

“of universal interest. Many readers will welcome this accessible format” Publishers Weekly

“antidote to Richard Dawkins … intriguing … a thought-provoking work” Library Journal

“deals eloquently with many of the issues…in the science-religion debate.” Times H. E.

“commendably clear…those who would most benefit from reading it are… atheists who believe that the religious are manifestly irrational” FT.

“remarkably even-handed …lucid explanations … a valuable lesson” Physics World

“rich…digestible..intriguing” Church Times

“evokes the shimmering beauty of a stained glass window … will repay rereading and rereading” Living Church.

One Erratum has been found in Appendix A – see here.

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