Talking Point at the Royal Institution

Talk at the Royal Institution

Talk at the Royal Institution

John Polkinghorne and Nicholas Beale gave a Talking Point at the Royal Institution on April 1st 2009 chaired by the distinguished philosopher of religion Prof Lord Stewart Sutherland FBA.

The event is now on YouTube although the talk by Nicholas Beale used slides which are not very visible so it may be a bit difficult to follow. The segments are:

  1. Chairman’s introduction and initial part of talk by John Polkinghorne.
  2. Final part of talk by Dr Polkinghorne
  3. Initial part of talk by Nicholas Beale (Why the Mass in B Minor is a problem for Materialism)
  4. Second part of talk by Mr Beale (Why determinism is false at the level of small molecules) The Slides for this are here
  5. Final part of talk by Mr Beale (Why neuro-determinism is false)
  6. Q&A segment 1
  7. Q&A segment 2
  8. Q&A segment 3
  9. Q&A segment 4
  10. Q&A segment 5
  11. Q&A final segment including closing remarks by Prof Sutherland on the limits of a reductionist and materialist worldview.

“a refreshing contrast to the polemic and misinformation that have characterized much of the writing in this area” William Phillips

“Richly nuanced responses … simply a fantastic resource” Francis Collins

“Wonderfully accessible, informative and authoritative.” Alister McGrath

“an important contribution” Martin Nowak

“this matters to every man and every woman” Onora O’Neill

“of universal interest. Many readers will welcome this accessible format” Publishers Weekly

“antidote to Richard Dawkins … intriguing … a thought-provoking work” Library Journal

“deals eloquently with many of the issues…in the science-religion debate.” Times H. E.

“commendably clear…those who would most benefit from reading it are… atheists who believe that the religious are manifestly irrational” FT.

“remarkably even-handed …lucid explanations … a valuable lesson” Physics World

“rich…digestible..intriguing” Church Times

“evokes the shimmering beauty of a stained glass window … will repay rereading and rereading” Living Church.

One Erratum has been found in Appendix A – see here.

The new Polkinghorne Q&A website is now here.